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Akshaya Garments was established in 2012 and since then grown into a popular manufacturer and exporter of knitted and woven garments in the apparel industry. Now we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of high fashioned apparel in India.

Our in-houseproduction facility right from yarn selection, knitting, fabric dyeing, washing, compacting, cutting, sewing, checking, ironing and packing. The company has its own laboratory for shrinkage, color and rubbing fastness.Production process is well-equipped with latest range of machineries. Workers are headed by a team of technical experts. Our own design department works inconjunction with our sampling department to provide high fashioned creative designs by monitoring the requirements worldwide.

We believe that our success is the result of our commitment to product quality, fashion innovation and timely delivery.


We offers samples that are developed to incorporate colors, fabrics and styles based on the requirements of our buyers

Yarn Procurement

The quality starts from the purchase of raw material. We understand that the sourcing of good quality yarn is essential for making quality product.


We never compromise o quality. We have a well developed quality control department at our premises, which is managed by a team of diligent quality controllers

Delivery & Strength

We make sure of the client’s requirements and deliver the goods on time. Our dedicated team is our strength.


Our mission is implementing the new technology and process methods to producing more number of products at less operating cost, best quality at competitive price. We would like to be most reliable partner in client servicing.


Our vision is to provide our international buyers, resourceful insights of the untapped Indian market, delivering the right quality and timely shipment with maximum customer satisfaction. And to become an iconic symbol of India’s best fashion apparel exporting firm


Customers beyond the degree of what customers ask for, total in design, quality, price, service asp. To develop new and innovative products to improve their competitive position within their market, and maximizing their benefits


Our most sophisticated and modern knitting machines are capable of providing the most intricate knitting designs / patterns required to suit the changing trends.

Our dyeing unit is situated in the outskirts of Tirupur and has the facility of doing sample programs & bulk production having automatic lab dip machines & manual lab dip machines besides water effluent treatment plants.

Our compacting process provides fantabulous finishing for the freshly dyed fabrics which illuminates the quality of the fabric hence ensures that a smooth fabric is delivered.

All type of Prints like sticker printing, pigment printing, non-pvc printing, discharge printing, plastisol prints, foil prints, high density prints, gel prints, matt prints are made in-house which gives the value addition in the garments.

We have a splendid range of embroidery to suit any styles, any garments which are fully computer aided, which enable the most rare embroideries upto 12 colours & applique work.

Cutting section is one of the most important sections for manufacturing garments. Garment production starts with the cutting process.

We have the privilege of providing the widest range of stitching styles, to suit any buyer around the globe.

Inspection Unit is to ensure the Quality and Specifications of Buyers are met.

Stream ironing the finished products to pack quickly. Garments are steam processed and they are packed neatly in the designated packs and placed inside the carton for dispatch.


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Akshaya Garments

Address: S.F.643/1, D.No.4/7B, Kulathupalayam,
4th Street, Veerapandi Post, Tirupur - 641605.